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50 Cute Things to Say to Your Girlfriend

I’ve referred to some of the things to say in here as “message” but you can tell her them directly, or phone her as well.

Bring her an unexpected gift at times It could be as easy as picking up one bloom when on your way to her. Hug her spontaneously. Spoil her with a home.

You never know just how long you’ve with someone, so make time you spend count together. It too easy to take people for granted, but we can’t manage to do that if we should live life to the complete. Make each day as magical as it can be.

what to say to your gf

Here are 50 Cute Things to Say to Your Girlfriend

1. Text messages are the greatest…apart from morning text messages that are good that’s. They rock also!

2. This morning my first thought after I woke up was you. And it got me grin.

Yep, that’s what we enjoy hearing.

3. To ensure that morning will come quicker I’d like to fall asleep fast and I can be with you.

Remember in childhood when you needed to fall asleep fast so that whatever exciting thing happening the next day would come quicker? Occasionally one feels like that as an adult too.

4. I’m at this unbelievable place.

Nothing makes you feel more specific than hearing someone would love to spend their special moments. Or as they put it in Before Dawn:

I wished I’d been with someone else. I understood that what I was feeling – just what was so crucial that you me – they didn’t understand.”

5. I adore how you handle others. It’s one of the best things about you.

Then show that you just notice, if you’re dating someone who’s kindness herself. That you care about her personality and her heart.


7. You know, I couldn’t picture you before I met you. I can’t picture a life.

This really is for quite the serious relationship and quite the cheese warning accurate, but it’s ever true with some individuals, isn’t it?

9. I simply came to think of that now. You’re quite the incredible person you know!

Who doesn’t feel flattered that someone actually actually pays attention to who they are?

10. I don’t think I’ll ever tire of your grin.

Any girl understands hearing you happen to be still in love with her. That it wasn’t just a quick fading attraction.

11. My pillows still smell like you…makes me feel like at least I have a little piece of you still with me 🙂

This message reveals you miss them and are thinking about them.

12. I woke up this morning with a huge grin on my face, because I thought of you. That ’s an astonishing feeling to awaken to.

Wouldn’t you be joyful receiving a message that way?

13. Your hugs are the greatest. Just so you know. (P.S. Your kisses also. And possibly just how you hold hands and the way in which you grin and…)

You could omit the P.S. little, or keep it. Depends if you want to go somewhat over the top, or not!

14. The minutes are so slow today, don’t you believe?

If you’re thinking about her at work/in school any woman will feel special.

15. I adore the way in which you kiss. Just thought you should know.

A confidence boost is greatly appreciated. And chances are she will kiss you even more. Because of course she needs to force you to get happy!

17. I just saw a sunbeam.

18. X buddy of mine just said I blessed to have found you. I agree 🙂

It’s quite flattering knowing buddies that know your boyfriend approve of you and believe you’re a fantastic couple.

19. You know, I believe I’ve become a better person since I got to understand you. You inspire me.

20. Help! I’ve got an acute case of needing to cuddle right now.

Adorable. Only adorable.

21. I only love just how you feel, would you understand that? I love the energy the way it feels to hug you… You are loved by me.

May I hear an “awwwww”?!

22. I’m just so happy to have found you. I’m actually blessed. And I desire you to know that.

Who doesn’t value knowing they feel like a blessing?

24. You’re not ugly.

Who doesn’t desire to awaken to the thought that they’re gorgeous, even each morning?

25. You’re a stunning person through and through. Makes me so lucky to have you in my life.

A compliment for the complete person.

26. Do you know what I love about you? And you do that half grin when you think something. And you’ve this way of touching me that right.

This can be edited into whatever it is that you just adore about them – the important thing is that it’s descriptive. It’s not just “I adore your smile.” It’s that you show you ’ve studied them and love special little things that are unique to them.

27. You were my first thought again. I believe you better come stay with me tonight so I can actually see you in the morning, not just think about you.

A sexy and sweet invitation.

28. Does one mind if you surprise with a gift today? Because I feel like surprising you with a present today!

Whoever on Earth said?

29. Love may be blind, but you look darn magnificent if you ask me!

Love and looks in the same sentence. Perfect.

30. How about you come round so I can stop thinking about you and begin experiencing you?

An incredibly sweet invitation. You could turn this message fairly naughty, fairly easily, if you need to. I’m sure you know what I am talking about.

31. Before I met you I constantly wondered if love was not impossible. You know, you meet with all these folks which are correct in some ways, but not all manners. With you I don’t feel that way. It feels appropriate, although I understand neither of us are perfect.

Heavy and quite accurate if you’ve dated people who did till you found Miss Right n’t feel.

32. I wanna cause you to feel. Tell me how I may do that.

Girls adore being asked what they’d adore. That way they understand you really wish to accomplish something that matters to them. The first step would be to learn what they revel in life, although they need one to use your imagination at the same time. You then can think of things from there.

33. You are loved by me. I simply felt like letting you know that. We never understand I really, truly need to take advantage of it and how much time we get with someone.

Deep and considerate. Wonderful and amazing.

34. You’re a worse habit than ice cream.

It’s fine understanding you’re interrupting someone’s ideas with your gorgeousness…

35. How about we drive someplace and take the car? Everywhere? Allow me to reserve something and then you can be kidnapped by me to an unknown destination?

Girls adore guys who take charge. So it’s within reason.

36. Occasionally I feel like carrying you away on horseback, although I actually don’t believe you want considerably saving. Sadly.)

Funny, however it’s pleasant to hear someone needs time.

37. I’ve really began thinking of you when I hear love songs that are silly. Someone shoot at me.

Amusing, but sweet.

39. I would like a kiss.

Only just sweet.

40. me So how exactly does that seem?

Any girl adores a little secrecy. Particularly if it’s a well orchestrated date where you are doing something you realize love is ’ded by her, but wouldn’t believe that you’d arrange.

41. So I’m thinking.

This could be pleasant, or naughty. You could add either “sweet” or “naughty” in the sentence also.


43. Would you recall the time we met? Because x, y, z can be still remembered by me .

If you’ve been together for a while this can be a pleasant reminder which you still consider the minute you cherish it and met.

44. There are some folks you know are special when you meet with them. You’re one of the individuals. And whilst I in love with you, I’m certain without being in love with you other folks feel that way too, just because you’re a soul that is fantastic.

Who will not need to hear that?

45. Within my life a great number of girls have made my head turns. You’ll find thousands of girls that are lovely. But you are constantly turned back to by my head. You’re 100% unique. And I in love.

It can not be unwise to recognise that the guy’s eye may ramble, but his heart remains accurate.

46. I ’m not certain what you do to me, but it certainly as h**l makes me feel fantastic.

Sort fine and an awesome.


48. About finding you the best thing was that I didn’t only locate with. I with the way you live your life in love. In each and every way.

Like the old expression goes it’s: love that is true doesn’t consist of staring someone in a person’s eye, but instead locating someone who’s looking in an identical direction you’re.

49. You’re only my sort of amazing and strange. That’s what enables you to so spectacular.

Most folks are strange. Like someone said – it about locating exactly the same sort of weirdness ’s.

50. Last night you seemed so spectacular. I can’t quit thinking about it.

And that someone is brought to you personally.